(Hollywood, CA) The porn parody Not the Three Stooges XXX has soared up the national DVD sales charts hitting #5 in its first week of eligibility.  The spectacular chart debut coincides with a long-delayed release of a safe-for-work movie trailer which can be seen now at www.willryderproductions.com   The movie has become an instant fan-favorite following intense national media coverage including stories on TMZ, Hollywood Reporter and over 85 radio stations including a long discussion on the Howard Stern Show.

Not the Three Stooges XXX was directed by Will Ryder and is being distributed by Pulse Distribution.    

Typically a movie trailer is released well before the actual movie hits stores but that was not the case as weeks of legal wrangling between the producer and the company that controls the actual Three Stooges properties intensified.

“We felt it was prudent that we didn’t release the parody movie trailer especially on a public forum such as YouTube,” stated attorney Michael Fattorosi who represents Will Ryder and the movie.

“I have to listen to my legal team even though I wanted to put it out weeks ago. It’s a really funny movie but I respect the process,” Ryder remarked.

The process culminated when Howard Stern complimented the movie saying, “It’s actually pretty good.”

That on-air conversation can be heard on the blog section of Ryder’s website. 

WPRK FM in Winter Park Florida gave the movie nine out of ten stars stating, “It’s the best sex comedy of the year and a must-see porn”. 

Rob Perez wrote in his review for Xcritic.com  “It’s nothing short of brilliant and without a doubt the best comedic performances of the year thus far. Will has directed another stellar porn parody. It is why he is the best at his craft when it comes to parodying old-time mainstream favorites.”

“Wow those are some really great reviews,” stated James Bartholet a veteran award-winning actor who played Curly.

Roger Pipe wrote in his review on rogreviews.com “It’s almost a mandatory purchase for people who loved the slapstick trio.”

Pipe later went on to further praise the movie on the radio show Inside the Industry, “It is one of the most authentic parodies ever.”

Don Houston gives Not the Three Stooges XXX a thumbs up and says it is highly recommended.  “It is definitely a contender and should be considered a “must have” feature.”      

In true parody fashion, the storyline harkens back to the days of the Columbia Pictures famous shorts that played in movie theaters back in the late 1930s.  The boys are unemployed so their girlfriends refuse to have sex with them until they find jobs. Desperately horny, their girlfriends become prostitutes as they try anything to find work and end up in wild sexual situations with gorgeous girls.  With smoking hot sex scenes including a 10 person sex orgy, Not the Three Stooges XXX delivers equal doses of comedy and sex in a parody package. 

Not the Three Stooges XXX stars Mandy Armani, Danica Dillon, Bailey Blue, Callie Cyprus, Cassandra Cruz and Britney Young as the beautiful girls having wild sex. Anthony Rosano plays Moe, James Bartholet as Curly and Evan Stone as Larry deliver award-worthy performances.  Dick Chibbles is the cop, Thomas Ward the black butler, Chad Diamond the estate owner, Eric Swiss the art professor, and Chris Charming completes a stellar cast playing the hair stylist.  The movie is directed by AVN, XRCO, XBiz, CAVR, XCritic and NightMoves Director-of-the-Year Will Ryder and is a parody.

Reviewers, radio & television shows interested in a screening copy can request one from the PR office of Jeff Mullen, jeff@allmediaplay.com  

"Not the Three Stooges XXX" is a parody!  "The Three Stooges" is a trademark of C3 Entertainment. Columbia Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, C3, their producers, writers or assignees are in no way affiliated with this parody. The trademarks featured or referred to within ‘Not the Three Stooges XXX’ are property of the trademark holders. These trademarks holders are not affiliated with Will Ryder Productions & do not authorize, sponsor or endorse the "Not the Three Stooges XXX" parody.

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*Reference: AVN Weekly Sales Chart

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